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March 2018 Box Reveal


Sit yourself down… our monthly spice subscription boxes have shipped and it’s time for the March 2018 box reveal! This month we send our readers on a Mediterranean escape to Lebanon. The flavors of the Middle East fused with fresh and healthy ingredi...

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February 2018 Box Reveal

Often our box themes coincide with global events and holidays. Our February box honors a major Asian holiday: the Lunar New Year. One of (if not) the biggest holidays in China, hundreds of millions of people are traveling home to spend time with fami...

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January 2018 Box Reveal

With new year’s resolutions fresh on our minds, who’s ready to kick off 2018 with delicious, nutritious meals to inspire our healthy eating? As we circle the culinary globe on a spicy adventure, we’re excited to announce our latest theme and batch of...

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December 2017 Box Reveal

Now that all of our shipments are in the mail and many have landed in the hands of gift recipients, we’re excited to announce our latest theme and batch of recipes and spices.  Ready for the December 2017 Box Reveal?

chicken satay

Smoky, sweet, and salty, Sa...

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November 2017 Box Reveal

The holidays are fast approaching. Time to dust off the recipe books and fire up the search engines to find new Thanksgiving recipes. Wait! Let us help you with that… Ready for the November 2017 Box Reveal?

November 2017 box reveal - Chipotle Sourdough Stuffing

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without stuffi...

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October 2017 Box Reveal

Curious about what’s in the Piquant Post spice subscription? Ready for the October 2017 Box Reveal? Yep… we deliver delicious!

October 2017 box reveal - gingerbread pancakes

Jamaicans LOVE ginger as well as a gingerbread cousin called ‘Bulla Cake’. Since fall is officially here in North Ame...

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September 2017 Box Reveal

Ready for the Piquant Post September 2017 box reveal? Curious about what we ship? Yep… we deliver delicious!

September 2017 Box Reveal - chicken tikka masala

Chicken Tikka Masala serves up layers of flavors: the curry spices; smoky, lightly charred chunks of chicken; aromatics from fresh ginger an...

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5 Flavors That Will Wow Friends At Dinner Parties

Hosting your foodie friends for a dinner party and wondering how to impress? We’ve got your back… here’s 5 tested and trendy flavors that will wow friends and add pizazz to your menu:

vadouvan french indian curry

Vadouvan is a glammy French version of I...

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We created Piquant Post with one goal: to help you cook amazingly deliciousglobally-inspired food at home with less effort

Are you tired of cooking (and eating) the same food week-in, week-out?  Are you searching for m...

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