We created Piquant Post with one goal: to help you cook amazingly deliciousglobally-inspired food at home with less effort

Are you tired of cooking (and eating) the same food week-in, week-out?  Are you searching for more variety?

Do you wish that you could figure out how to easily cook the international flavors you find in restaurants?

Ever feel like you run out of time to plan new meals for your family, so you just go back to the freezer? 

Have you ever bought an expensive jar of spice for a special recipe, only to never use it again?

Do you look at labels on your packaged food and seasonings in the grocery store and wonder why it has so much salt / sugar / chemicals?

Introducing Piquant Post

Having lived on 4 continents and traveled to 75 (and counting) countries, I found my weeknight meals lacking the international flavors and variety I desired. Over time, I found myself asking the same questions above.

I set out to figure out how I could make our home-cooked meals tastier, with more global flavors, and with less effort despite a busy work schedule.

Finding good globally-inspired recipes is pretty easy, albeit time-consuming to pull off every week for those of you that, like me, desire more variety. I noticed that many of my favorite dishes required at least a few (exotic) spices, requiring a trip to a supermarket or ethnic store (or both) to find them.

If you tend to be a little more spontaneous in your meal planning like I am, this process can be a huge headache. After a few times failing to find an exotic spice necessary to make a dish, I tried a different approach: buying bulk and blending my own spices. Buying bulk means finding storage containers and worse, finding space in your cabinets.

However, I got a glimpse of the power of having access to so many fresh herbs and spices on any given night.

The idea for Piquant Post was born out of my frustration of buying and storing a wide array of spices so that I could cook globally-inspired meals on a busy weeknight. I found that having a cabinet full of spices gave me a ton of recipe options to cook, but then I realized that most of the spices would go stale before I used them up… what a waste.

A Better Way

Imagine having a personal chef search for exciting recipes for you then send you mouthwatering new recipes, packets of freshly ground organic spices for each dish, and a shopping list to your house.

Wouldn’t you feel excited to see what new ideas came in the mail each month? 

Wouldn’t it be fun to cook dishes that actually taste as good as they look in the pictures?

Imagine not having to spend any extra time or effort adding variety to your weekly meals?

That’s exactly the experience we are giving Piquant Post customers. Variety with no hassle. A lot more fun in the cooking experience. More time and less effort for less than the cost of a single portion of takeout or a meal kit.

How Piquant Post Works

Each month, we send our subscribers 4 new, expertly-crafted spice blends and step-by-step recipes showcasing each of the blends. Piquant Post lets you:

  • Have more variety in your meals
  • Get organized and save time at the market by providing shopping lists for our recipes
  • Try new spices without buying expensive, full-size jars that end up going stale in the back of your spice cabinet
  • Make cooking fun again by surprising you with new flavors each month
  • Impress your friends with your tasty dishes and new knowledge of spices and global flavors (even at restaurants… you will start recognizing spice blends on the menu you never saw before)
  • Take more control of what’s in your food – our organic spice blends have no salt, sugar, fillers or preservatives

Prelaunch Discount

We’re in prelaunch mode and busy getting ready to send you tasty spices. As a ‘thank you’ to our founding fans, we’ve set up a special discount of 20% off your first order. As an added bonus, we’ll enter you into a drawing for a free 1 year subscription ($120 value)!

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Justin Ashton

Founder, Piquant Post

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