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Freshly ground, small batch spice blends with delicious recipes sent in a monthly subscription box.

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Tired of cooking the same boring meals?

No time to search for tasty, healthy recipes? 

Let our chefs send you inspiration from around the globe.

  • We deliver variety to you. Our chefs develop recipes using mouthwatering flavors from around the world to give you variety in your cooking and meal planning without extra effort.

  • No more buying expensive spices that you never use again. Our box contains enough herbs and spices to make each recipe so you don’t have to run around searching for exotic spices.

  • No fillers, preservatives, or sugar. We ditch the bad stuff and almost never include salt, so you can take control of your food and eat healthier.

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How it works

Sign Up

Join by hitting the subscribe button above. Choose one of our subscription plans: month to month, 6 month prepay (discounted), or 12 month prepay (discounted). Get a discount by ordering a longer prepaid monthly spice subscription plan. Cancel anytime.

Monthly Box

Each month, our chefs send you a selection of handcrafted spice blends and curated recipes from a specific region or country. Recipes have shopping lists and step-by-step cooking instructions using our spice blends. Each month is like taking a culinary tour of a new place!

 Cook Delicious Food

Start cooking with spices normally only available to top chefs! Our box offers the variety of a meal kit at a fraction of the price. The recipes are designed to help busy people like you quickly cook tasty weeknight meals with ingredients from a local market.

What you receive each month

  • 3 or 4 new spice blends from a single region or country
  • Chef-developed recipes showcasing each of the monthly spice blends
  • Online access to recipes, ingredient substitutes, and alternative uses

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What People Are Saying ★★★★★

  • "Spice Up Your Meals"

    If your meals are boring, maybe you need to try new seasonings. But, the spice rack at the store can be $$$. Piquant Post provides spices from a different country or region monthly. 4 packets along with recipes using each spice. One of the best subscriptions we receive.
    - Keryann
  • "Delicious"

    We subscribed to a few different spice kits to see which we liked best…this was far and away the best at this price point! We have been really pleased with all the recipes, they’ve produced restaurant-quality food every time! And lots of unique stuff I’d never have thought to make. I highly recommend!
    - Chelsea S.
  • "Recommend for food lovers!"

    I gave this as a gift to a friend who loves cooking, and he says he looks forward to it every month! It makes him step out of his comfort zone with cooking.
    - Jenna G.
  • "Spices Galore!!"

    I love to cook and I love spices, any and all. This subscription box is my favorite bar none. Such a nice variety to try every month, recipes too. Nice quantity of spices, I always get more than one use from it. Customer Service is seriously awesome too, any concern ( I needed to reorder a spice which is a good concern to have ) and they are quick to respond and hook me up.
    - Sai S.
  • "Great product, great idea!"

    I found out about Piquant Post spices since it was a gift from a friend. Then I gave it as a gift! Wonderful recipes, easy to follow, good to have single meal spices, so guests can try many options. Will even get my own subscription soon!
    - Beth
  • "Problems Solved"

    I’ve made three of the four recipes I’ve received so far and they have all been a) easy to make b) way superior to my own cooking and c) delicious. I’m super into it.
    - Annie
  • "Love this box"

    Have received 2 boxes (really envelopes) and ordered extra of a couple spices-they were that good. Communication is quick and courteous. The recipes cards are physically a good quality and the recipes I have made have been good. Excellent value overall. Definitely see keeping this subscription going for quite a while.
    - Jennifer
  • "Premium Spices... Awesome Service!"

    If you are looking for a fun way around your kitchen, try this subscription!
    - Lakecia
  • "Spice up your cooking!"

    Piquant has been awesome to my cooking. Since getting the first box, my gf and I have broken out of our usual, trusty, but sometimes boring meals and tried cool new recipes. Also the recipes have been simple too!
    - Diego
  • "Thank You"

    Wanted to take a moment to thank you. My husband had a heart attack back in October. We started with Piquant because we needed to change our diet. Your spices have made the transition to no salt.. so very easy. We no longer use salt & have discovered we really enjoy your spices. Thank you, your spices are the bright spot during a rough time.
    - Tracie
  • "Excellent"

    I got this as a gift for my mom for Christmas. She doesn’t like ‘stuff’ and we’re trying to do more experience-based gifts together. This was perfect! We made a bunch of the recipes together and then of course got to serve the family the dinner! If anything, we got too many spices in each month’s box, we still have lots of recipes to make 🙂 The spices are very high quality, and it’s an excellent thing to try if you want to broaden your food horizons!
    - Heather
  • "Creative"

    I chose this box because I like to cook and get creative and didn’t need a plan like blue apron, where food would go bad if I didn’t prepare it quickly. This box gets me to try to recipes but on my own schedule.
    - Kristen
  • "Great Service"

    The recipes have tasted great from the first box and I can’t wait to try the second. The A+ customer service they provide is what makes this box so great.
    - Myda
  • "Delightful"

    Within a few minutes of starting the first recipe of Five Spice Chicken Thighs, the whole family wandered in asking about the fragrant smells wafting through the house.
    - Jon
  • "In Awe"

    Just received my first box, and I am in awe. I love, love, love it. The first dish I am going to make is the eggplant. I always look for different ways to cook it. This recipe is perfect.
    - Mary

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