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This Is A Wake Up Call.
For Your Eating Habits, That Is.

Because let’s face it — without a stream of inspiration and curiosity, it’s easy to get caught in a food slump. You know, the one where you dish up the same bland meal time and time again.

And now that home has become the primary space for dreaming and scheming, your kitchen is the place for discovery and experimenting. So, do yourself a favor - put on your favorite (clean) shirt, set the table, throw a record on the player, pour yourself some vino and get cookin.’ There’s a whole world of flavor to explore.

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What’s Inside a Piquant Post Shipment?

A new collection of spice blends and recipes curated around a new country or region each month

  • 4 freshly-ground, handcrafted spice blends

  • 4 high-quality printed recipe cards – one to use each spice

  • Digital access to our catalog of hundreds of recipes on the website, including plant-based and gluten-free options

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Break The Routine

Right on cue, we’ll deliver a curated box of global spice blends paired with delectable recipes. You’ll never get the same exact combination of spices or recipes even if you stay with us for years!

Worldwide Taste, Local Ingredients

With our chef-designed recipes as your guide, get cookin.’ Each box includes 3-4 spice blends for 4+ meals each and include fresh recipes with detailed shopping lists and seasonal ingredients so you can buy local. Cook using easy, step-by-step cooking instructions. Now, you can impress with more than your ‘signature’ pasta and marinara.

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Travel The World,
One Spice At A Time

The Pandemic has limited all of our travel. Now you don’t have to leave home to experience a world of flavor. We deliver fresh ground, small-batch spice blends, and chef-developed recipes straight to your doorstep.

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Culinary Inspiration Search No More

Piquant Post was inspired by memories of far away places; the tantalizing aroma of spice markets, the grounding taste of home-cooked family meals, and the unmistakable character of authentic dishes. Elevated and reimagined with accessible recipes that consider what’s in season, we bring the world’s flavors to your kitchen through chef-developed spice blends. Save us a plate.

Spice It Up

Maybe we’re not so different after all…

Good food brings people together – even if you’re miles apart. And cooking? That’s what makes us human. Gathering, preparing, and eating as a daily ritual is universal – from the rhythmic streets of New York to the palm-fringed Indonesian islands, food is much more than just sustenance. It’s what gives us life.

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What People Are Saying

Piquant Post literally turned me into a chef! I’ve never been one to experiment in the kitchen, or feel confident cooking new, unique recipes, but the monthly subscription makes it so easy!

Sarah S.

Got this as a wedding gift for my friends who love to cook. Every time we have talked about it since they have said that they love the spice blends and thoroughly enjoyed the recipes. What a great way to gift quality time to friends who love to cook and also gift them spices, something that can be kind of expensive when starting out.

Noah B.

Bought a subscription for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. The different flavors she received every month she truly enjoys. I highly recommend this subscription to new and experienced cooks!

Steven S.

I signed up for this box on a whim and I loved it! I looked forward to seeing what new recipes I'd get every month. If you're looking for a way to try new things with your cooking, Piquant Post gives you a good excuse at a really decent price.

Jackie D.

Connect, Cook, Celebrate

Long before our time, exotic tastes were discovered, cherished, and celebrated on the Silk Road Spice Routes, a complex chain of trading posts that connected East to West. These trading post represented the exchange of knowledge, culture, and worldviews, in addition to spices. Throughout the years, flavors intermingled and spice blends were perfected until they were unmistakably representative of a place and culture.

Now, a few hundred years later, Piquant Post sources the freshest spices from top quality purveyors of taste and celebrates their character with delectable recipes.

Our buyers select and purchase spices in small batches and process them in-house to maximize freshness and flavor. You’ll immediately taste the difference between freshly ground spices and store-bought jars. Bottled spices often sit in warehouses and supermarkets for up to two years before you eat them. Don’t settle for bland food! Piquant Post spice blends and recipes revitalize your dinner rotation and awaken your senses.

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Discover our ever expanding recipe collection. Vegan, spicy, protein-based, and everything in between. Globally inspired, always.

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