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What People Are Saying

This is by far my favorite spice subscription, I’ve tried a few different ones. The recipes are extremely easy to follow and delicious & I love that they have the spices for sale on their website in case you want to buy more for future recipes!

Sarah S.

Super interesting recipes and spice blends that make you depart from your cooking routine. Very fun to make and delicious to eat!

Madelaina D.

I absolutely love Piquant Post! My fiancée and I look forward to getting the new package every month and trying out new recipes and spice mixes. The only complaint we have is that we wish that we could buy a storage container or plastic sleeve for the cool recipes. Otherwise completely worth the money.

Steven S.

I signed up for this box on a whim and I loved it! I looked forward to seeing what new recipes I'd get every month. If you're looking for a way to try new things with your cooking, Piquant Post gives you a good excuse at a really decent price.

Jackie D.