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Global Spice of the Month Club


Welcome to Piquant Post! Piquant Post was created with one goal: to help you cook globally inspired food at home with less effort. Here's what to expect when you subscribe to Piquant Post: Each month, we'll send 3 or 4 freshly-ground, handcrafted global spice blends with step-by-step...

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Food Hacks: Best Substitute for Chipotle

Chipotle chilis are smoke-dried jalapeño peppers often ground into a smoky-hot dried spice. It’s a go-to spice used in a huge variety of dishes, especially Mexican cuisine. The peppers provide plenty of heat as well as a unique smoky taste to the fla...

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Food Hacks: Best Substitute for Turmeric

Turmeric is a native plant to Southeast Asia, it is commonly used as a medicinal herb and culinary spice. It’s best known for its inflammation-fighting properties, bright golden-yellow coloring, and deep earthy-mild-peppery flavor. Turmeric is a stap...

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Ten Tips for Taking IG-Worthy Food Photos with your Phone

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably gone to take food photos with your phone and realized it looks nothing like your friends’ #foodporn worthy posts. 

We all know the ones.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. This post is your one-stop shop for...

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Nov 2019 Box Reveal – Coming Soon

The November boxes have shipped! We’re in the process of writing the reveal blog post now. Check back soon to read the full reveal of our theme and see all of our November spices & recipes.

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April 2019 Box Reveal

It’s time for another sneak peak into our spice subscription with the April 2019 box reveal! This month, we’re taking customers on a culinary tour of a region, rather than a single country. Read on to find out why Piquant Post is one of the highest r...

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March 2019 Box Reveal

It’s time for another sneak peak into our subscription in our March 2019 box reveal! We shipped the most boxes to our customers ever in March.  Read on to find out why Piquant Post is one of the highest rated subscription boxes in the market!

Persian Herb Frittata (Kuku Sabzi) Advieh Piquant Post

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February 2019 Box Reveal

Ready for our February 2019 box reveal? Once again, we sold out our monthly boxes and we see some delicious meals being posted by customers on social media (make sure to tag us #piquantpost). This month, we’ve create a theme to bring you luck and joy...

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January 2019 Box Reveal

Ready for our first reveal of the year? All of our January orders are out to customers and we see some excited folks already cooking and posting gorgeous dishes on social media. Read our January 2019 box reveal below for all the details!

jamaican jerk chicken Piquant Post

Jerk Chicke...

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