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Coconut Rice with Mangoes


Total time: 45 mins

In contrast to the bold flavors of our coconut curry recipe this month, we’re presenting an easy-to-make-at-home spin on the classic Thai desert: sticky rice with mangoes. To make the authentic version, you need to find Thai sticky rice (aka “sweet rice”), which usually can only be found in Asian grocery stores. However, we can recreate the delicately sweet coconutty taste by changing the recipe and using jasmine rice, available everywhere.This recipe is as easy to make as boiling rice (well, it is boiling rice!). A key to this recipe is finding and serving ripe mangoes. If you’ve never ...

  • 1730
  • asian
  • dessert
  • glutenfree
  • free
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NOLA Tangy Coleslaw

Total time: 60 mins

  • cajun
  • Vegetarian
  • American