Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple: we will refund the balance on an order for any unshipped items or months if you request a refund.

You must contact us to request a refund.

Because we sell a food product, we cannot refund or accept returns on items that have already shipped.

Missing Shipments

We have great results shipping our subscriptions with US Postal Service. But, sometimes delivery takes longer than expected or (rarely) items go missing. Our Shipping policy has been adjusted during the Covid19 pandemic because of delays and longer delivery times.

We will send a free replacement at the 4 week point after the original shipment to give USPS time to deliver the item. Nearly all of our shipments arrive well before 4 weeks. But, if you prefer a refund of the shipped order instead of a replacement, you can request a refund for the shipped but undelivered item at the 4 week point from the original shipment.

Cancelling Subscriptions and Refunds

Cancelling a prepaid subscription will not trigger a refund. A cancellation simply prevents the account from renewing in the future.

You must contact us to request a refund.

For example, if you purchased a 6 month subscription and decide after the 4th shipment you no longer want the subscription, you can cancel your account by logging in and managing your order. Then, you should reach out to us to request a refund either by: a) using the customer support chat feature on the website or b) emailing us at In this example, we will refund the prorated balance on the account for the 2 unshipped months (so 2/6 or 33% of the original purchase).

Please reach out if you need assistance!


Where do you ship?

We ship the monthly subscriptions worldwide.

Simply add the desired product to your cart, start the checkout process. Enter your shipping address, and proceed to the shipping stage of the checkout.

Before you pay, you will see the shipping cost quoted in the checkout total.

We only charge the rate we pay for shipping internationally. We know it's expensive, but we use commercial bulk rates to lower costs.

Note: to purchase and ship individual spice blends internationally, you will need to contact us for a custom quote. Due to the high cost of shipping, only orders above US$25 will be quoted.

Where is my order? I can't find tracking

If you received a shipping notice email, then rest assured your order has shipped.

For US customers, we send our monthly subscriptions via USPS first class mail to your regular mailbox. There is no tracking for US subscription customers.

Typically, customers report receiving their monthly orders ~5 days-2 weeks from the date you receive the shipping notice email, depending on distance from SF and local USPS delivery delays.

But we cannot guarantee delivery timing as USPS doesn't.


How do I send a gift subscription?

Click here to read a few tips on how to send Piquant Post spice subscription as a gift.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel, contact us on our support chat system with your order number (PPXXXXX) and your name and request to cancel.

If you have more than one subscription, let us know which recipient if possible.

If there are unshipped prepaid orders (ie from a renewal term), you'll have to request a refund otherwise we will assume you still want what you paid for to ship.

Note: because we sell a food product, we can only refund unshipped orders. We do not accept returns.

If I cancel, will prepaid orders still ship?

Canceling a subscription prevents renewal, but doesn't cancel prepaid orders

All renewing subscriptions will renew until canceled.

We do sell non-renewing 6 & 12 month gift subscriptions.

If you need to stop shipments, contact us on the support chat for a refund of unshipped orders.

Can I select what I receive in the subscription?

Unfortunately, there is no customization or selection for the monthly subscriptions.

Our in-house chefs curate the selection of spice blends and develop recipes around a new theme each month.

We send 4 printed recipe cards to use the spice blends each month (1 for each blend).

If you want to choose exactly what you receive, consider purchasing individual spice blends from our store. You can still browse any of our 100's of digital recipes.

How do I change the shipping address?

Contact us on the support chat with your order number (PPXXXXX from the confirmation email).

Include the correct recipient's name and a valid USPS mailing address (ie where they get letter mail).

Our staff will update the subscription shipping address.

Note that you cannot change the address on subscriptions even if you attempt to online.

If my subscription renews, will your spices and recipes repeat?

We currently have enough spices in our catalog to never repeat spice blends for 21 consecutive months.

Furthermore, we periodically add new blends to our catalog and are working towards not repeating spice blends in a 24 month period.

We will always send new recipes even if you start to see repeat spices. Plus, we have hundreds of recipes from our back catalog posted on our website.

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