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Chili Lime Chicken


Total time: 30 mins

In Peru, chilis and limes go together like peanut butter and jelly and this flavor combination works like magic to provide just the right amount of heat and tang on grilled foods. Grilled chicken being a summer backyard BBQ standard, we're confident you'll love this chili lime chicken. Our Chile-Limón spice blend is made with cumin, paprika, oregano, kaffir lime with the fruity warmth of Peruvian Aji Panca and Aji Amarillo chilis. Use it directly as a BBQ rub or mix it with fresh lime juice to create a delicious marinade or vinaigrette. For a little extra heat, add more of either/both Aj...

  • 1734
  • bbq
  • chicken
  • glutenfree
  • dinner
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Cumin Lamb

Total time: 40 mins

  • 1712
  • asian
  • chinese