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Saag Tofu


Total time: 40 mins

Saag Tofu is a variant of the popular Indian dish Saag Paneer, which many may recognize from their local Indian restaurant. 'Saag' translates to 'greens' in Hindi and is most often prepared with Spinach. Paneer is a soft, fresh cheese popular in South Asia, similar to ricotta. For most of us in North America, finding Paneer is not an option, so we modified the recipe to use nutritious tofu in its place.

This dish is basically a spinach curry with lightly pan-fried chunks of tofu, providing a delicious and satisfying bite. The wonderful flavor is provided by the combination of our...

  • Vegetarian
  • dinner
  • garam masala
  • gluten free
  • Indian
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  • chaat masala
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  • asian
  • dessert
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