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Persian Herb Frittata


Total time: 45 mins

This easy Persian Herb Frittata recipe will make your next at-home brunch special. Each March, millions of Iranians are joined by the Persian diaspora to celebrate Nowruz (pronounced “NO-rooz”), a “spring cleaning” of the soul. Nowruz takes place on the spring equinox and marks the Persian New Year. Our regular subscribers will recognize that this recipe is actually our third New Year’s celebration in a row (we celebrated Lunar Year aka Chinese New Year in Feb). What can we say? We don’t want the party to end. Nowruz traces its roots to Zoroastrianism, a pre-Christian religion, and has b...

  • 1919
  • Advieh
  • breakfast
  • glutenfree
  • Vegetarian
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Spanish Saffron Cod

Total time: 20 mins

  • glutenfree
  • dinner
  • European


Chili Lime Chicken

Total time: 30 mins

  • 1734
  • bbq
  • chicken